Hospital introduces new AV products as part of safety initiative

A children's hospital recently introduced a new system that allows the facility to be  monitored more precisely. The Texas Children's Hospital is  introducing Digital Projection International's M-Vision Cine LED projectors so the hospital's service response center employees can view all activity happening in areas, such as the elevator systems, campus visitation areas and the utilities section, at all hours of the day. The new monitoring center features a 20-foot screen so that all employees at eight work stations can have equal access to critical information, speeding response times.

The advanced, multiple lens projectors are lightweight and are designed to provide more than 60,000 hours of illumination. The lens has a flexible shift range and the projector's native resolution is 1920-by-1080 pixels, one of the highest of DPI's products.

The hospital chose the product after it was recognized that criminal activity was increasing at hospitals. According to Health Tech Zone, the Joint Commission reports that there were 177 reported aggravated assaults and homicides reported on hospital properties within the past five years, up from 61 in the previous five-year period.

In addition to the projectors, the hospital installed a variety of touchpads so the security team can organize data more efficiently. When using the touchpads, employees will be able “to reconfigure the content layout of the screen wall, as well as reassign which screens feed which inputs,” according to a statement.