Hospitals use AV products to enhance patient experience

An Orlando, Florida, hospital recently received new digital signage players to line the halls to create a relaxing environment for patients. According to the hospital's website, the Walt Disney Pavilion at the Florida Hospital for Children has themed floors based off three of the corporation's biggest movies. The savannah-themed floor is dedicated to "The Lion King," the jungle-themed floor is based on the classic movie "The Jungle Book," and the ocean themed floor is inspired by the Disney princess film "The Little Mermaid."

According to InfoComm International, each of the floors contains unique lighting, color and smells, and the new digital signage will significantly contribute to the overall effect. Each of the screens will display high-definition nature footage that is corresponding to each geographical location.

The source reports that the Gefen HD DSPs are able to play back various AV formats and that each of the HDMI outputs support content up to 1080p full HD. In addition, each of the players features mini-stereo analog outputs in case the device's audio needs to be routed to an external amplifier or a different listening device.

The hospital's vice president of construction, Tim Burrill, told the source that he and his team have been happy with the implementation of the AV products.

"The themed displays have proven to be a very popular attraction. The nature content provides a welcome distraction for families placed in a very stressful, and often painful, situation. It is gratifying to see them walk down the halls and be calmed by the atmosphere we have created," Burrill said. "With Gefen's HD Digital Signage Players, we've been able to accomplish this without adding to the busy schedules of hospital staff."

Digital signage players set hospitals apart from others that do not have the features, and more facilities are expected to adopt this technology in the near future. According to a white paper by Healthcare Tech Decisions, many experts believe that revenue related to digital signage in hospitals will grow by 16.9 percent by the end of the year.