Constructions and alterations to public spaces such as government, commercial and public assembly facilities begun after March 15, 2012, must comply with the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design. In particular, any space in which audible communication is integral to its use must provide assistive listening systems. A minimum of two hearing-aid compatible receivers is required, with the number required increasing relative to the size of the assembly area.

A new projector from Conference Technologies partner Christie is aimed at emerging markets and community theaters. The Solaria One projector can deliver an 8,000-lumen image that is compliant with Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) standards or a 9,000-lumen image for alternative content. The Solaria One+ model projects 9,000 lumens in the DCI color space and 10,000 lumens for alternative content.

Many audio visual systems and equipment providers are launching new tools this year to help professionals create, edit and deploy audio and video content across numerous platforms.

For example, new audio editing platforms feature precise sound shaping capabilities and a unique visual workflow to help users create specific sounds to complement visual conferencing projects. These platforms can also work with a plug-in that enables intelligent template building so video projects and audio conferencing can be branded and tailored for specific events, products or customers.

Audio visual systems are being used across various industries for entertainment, education, business purposes and other industry operations. The technology and its associated tools enhance interactions, conversations, presentations and brand awareness. By leveraging both audio and visual innovations, organizations can engage viewers with multiple sensory experiences for a stronger impact.

Panasonic, a leader in delivering technology solutions for government, enterprise, education, hospitality and SMB markets, announced new additions to its wide range of professional audio visual technologies, including new projectors, professional displays and digital signage solutions in Orlando, FL at InfoComm 2013.

This year, additions include a new line of interactive plasma displays, the first Panasonic interactive ultra-short throw projector, the industry’s brightest WUXGA single chip DLP™ projector and a new outdoor-ready ultra-bright LCD display.

As more businesses and hospitals continue to use video conferencing technologies within their practices as a means of reducing costs and improving efficiency, more professions are considering doing the same. Video conferencing can be beneficial for any business or organization that needs to carry out face-to-face interactions, but may not have the financial resources to travel frequently for meetings.


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