Conference Technologies partner Digital Projections recently revealed its latest projector offering, the Titan Super Quad, which produces a 20,000-lumen output.

In a video presentation for InAVate, Ciaran Doran, head of international sales and marketing for Digital Projection, explained that the product expands upon the company’s existing line of 10,000-lumen and 12,000-lumen Titan projectors. Digital Projections bills the projector as the smallest, lightest, brightest and quietest of its class.

Using modified large format projectors, French photographer Clement Briend recently captivated Parisian audiences with a nighttime display of gargoyles projected onto trees, according to a post at Designboom.

Part of European Heritage Days 2012, the installation was planned as a way to modify the focus of his photographs through technology, Briend explained in an artist’s statement.

Like many areas of AV technology, the capabilities of projection screens are rapidly improving, making sharp, bright images in 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios easy to attain in almost any viewing environment. While projection screens may not seem like an obvious area for technological advancement, there are many options on the market that offer far better functionality than a blank wall or a 4:3 aspect ratio screen on a tripod, according to a recent product roundup from Sound & Video Contractor.

There was a time when projecting an image might have involved little more than pulling out a beat up projection screen on a tripod or just finding a blank wall, but improvements in AV technology have ushered in a new wave of great projection screen products. However, these can be more daunting than the average blank wall, too, involving specifications that might puzzle or overwhelm consumers. Most essential in choosing a projection screen is determining the need for a high or low gain option, but many users may be unsure what this means.

Next generation audio visual system design and accessories are making capabilities such as videoconferencing and webcasting a reality for companies and institutions of all sizes.

Advanced short-throw projectors, for example, can display a 48-inch diagonal high-definition image when placed just a few inches away from a wall or screen. The lightweight accessory helps companies, students and presenters execute powerful presentations on-the-go without heavy investment in videoconferencing infrastructure or facilities.