Audio Visual News

The modern church or house of worship is necessarily moving to embrace new technology, whether that means improving sound reinforcement or implementing professional-quality broadcasts. One of the features increasingly being used and discussed is video cameras, but, according to a recent AVNetwork blog post, camera installations are often poorly implemented due to a lack of strategic vision.

It's a long-term trend. Organizations of every kind are more and more dependent on their audio visual systems to keep meetings and classes running smoothly. They buy service contracts to make sure their systems are maintained properly and to ensure that help arrives quickly should they have any problem.

"That being said, we realize that many of our customers don't have the budget for an all-inclusive agreement," explains Stephanie Westbrook, Service Agreement Coordinator at Conference Technologies, Inc.

Background noise is crucial to any sound system. Research shows that intelligibility is a function of the ratio of speech to background noise, with background noise defined as the sound level from air conditioning, fluorescent lights, equipment cooling fans, and perhaps traffic, voices and other noises originating outside the room. It also includes the sounds of people within a room, whether they’re speaking among themselves, rustling papers, walking in and out, and so on.

ST LOUIS, MO — Systems integrator Conference Technologies, Inc.® has announced the launch of a new logo and business identity system designed to reflect the company's growing role in the audio visual and information technology industries.

With its streamlined design, the new logo symbolizes the company's technology leadership, yet it keeps a link to the past with certain design touches, such as a red dot above the "i" in "CTI."