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The quality of the sound system is crucial in any church, temple, or mosque. It's sad but true: in many worship sanctuaries, it can be very difficult to hear the pastor clearly. There can be numerous reasons why this is true.

Many sanctuaries were built to be 'lively' with hard plaster or stone surfaces to enhance the sound of choirs and organs. Yet amplify the pastor's voice and suddenly the high reverb (or echo) destroys intelligibility. Even in newer auditoriums with modern acoustics, poorly placed loudspeakers can result in uneven volume levels, even places where the pastor may not be heard at all.

To provide the best possible sound and avoid these and other audio problems the engineers at Conference Technologies, Inc.® can create a computer model of your sanctuary or auditorium. This will be used to understand acoustical properties, choose electronic components, and place loudspeakers.

Once your new sound system is installed, our engineers with analyze it, equalizing and optimizing the sound of voice and music, for the best possible performance within the space it's installed in.

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House of Worship Audio Visual

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